Dimming HID electronic ballast

BERSN dimming electronic ballast, for further energy saving!

BERSN HID electronic ballast advantage:

At the present, the power grid with access to a large number of non-standard electronic equipment, makes the apparent power grid waveform distortion, thus reduce the effective capacity of the power supply system, easy to produce interference, make the error operation of the control system, and the cause is not easy to access to electrical equipment and circuit analysis of the cause of the potential safety hazard. And electronic ballast can easy to solving these problems. Advantages of summary:
1. To improve the quality of electricity and energy saving
    Electronic ballasts using advanced active power factor correction technology and electronic filtering measures, its power consumption is small, can make the system power factor is more than 99%, almost no influence to power network, in the same light power exponentially decreased when the line current, which reduces the loss and the load of the power supply line. Measurement shows that using electronic ballasts can improve the luminous efficiency 10%, total energy saving more than 30%.
2. Reduce installation fees use, save operating costs
    Using electronic ballast power supply current is only lit up one third of the sodium lamp inductance ballasts; Power supply system, power lines, transformer and so on equipment investment can be reduced by half, electricity can save 30-40% a year, at the same time also can greatly prolong the service life of the light source, multiplied reducing purchasing cost of light source and a lot of artificial maintenance, on the premise of improve lighting quality, economic benefit is very considerable.
3. Light stability, improve the quality of lighting
    Electronic ballasts using high frequency constant power technology to l ignite the light bulbs, overcome the world difficult problem--acoustic resonance, wick light is uniform and stable cylindrical, eliminate the stroboscopic phenomenon of variable frequency power supply and the noise, not only suitable for all inductance ballast using occasions, especially for workshop, stadiums, stations, airports, highways, with the goal of sports, photography and other places lighting are more favorable.
4. The lamp start fast, long service life
    Electronic ballast is no longer needed accessories, within the scope of the voltage 160V~ 260V, bulb is only about a third of the inductance ballasts start time will be able to reach normal brightness, under the condition of constant power and owe power use, lamp current crest than 1.4 or less, lamp life will be greatly extended, plus some of inductance ballast can't light bulb is still can continue to use, light bulbs integrated life can increase 1.5 ~ 2.5 times.
5. Multiple protection function, safe and reliable
    Electronic ballasts equipped with multiple protection functions, such as short circuit protection, open circuit (no light) protection, overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, the use of safe. Uses the soft start technology, reduce the impact current, and each time the ignition energy is small, short duration, the static power consumption is only about 1 watt, even if a long time short circuit or open circuit. 
6. Simple installation, easy to use
   Electronic ballast used the seal housing, compact and beautiful light, without housing, indoor and outdoor can be installed directly to use. Using a unique start scheme, transmission distance up to 20 meters.

BERSN dimming HID electronic ballast features:
      Dimming HID electronic ballast is a kind of be automatically adjusted according to the rules of power, change the brightness, save the energy consumption of the ballast, the dimmer generally by subsection type, such as 100% - 60% or 100% - 60%.Generally can be divided into the timing light, electric light, remote dimmer etc.
     BERSN dimming HID electronic ballast development and manufacture by Shenzhen BERSN Opto-electronics Co., Ltd, has been on the road, tunnel, communities, and other fields, the actual energy saving effect is obvious, especially in remote control dimmer type ballast, also has the remote open to turn off the lights, monitoring voltage, current, real-time reporting and fault alarm function, at present, in the domestic, several provinces have entered the practical stage.
     BERSN timing dimming electronic ballast: Initial work, ballast for the nominal power (full power), usually by light power can reduce 30-50%.
     Internal type dimming electronic ballast: before leaves the factory, the ballast has set a good time and the dimming level, begins with a electric timings, ballast power down automatically after reaching the preset time (dimmer and dimmer amplitude scope statement when purchasing by the user, the users will not be able to change after leaving);
     External type dimming electronic ballast: before the user installing to the lamps and lanterns, set the dimming time, the timer in 0.5 hours, adjustable from 0 to 8 hours (the user can change the dimming time, dimming range factory has been set, the user cannot change).
                           BERSN External type dimming       BERSN Internal type dimming      BERSN Remote control dimmer
                           electronic ballast                         electronic ballast                        type electronic ballast
BERSN electric type dimming ballast: 
      Using optical detectors monitoring environmental conditions, when the night falls, the environment brightness to reduce to a certain degree (optical detector adjustable), and duration for more than 3 minutes, the circuit conduction, automatically ballast to move light work, power is 50% - 50% of full power, when the environment brightness to reduce to a certain degree, the ballast work in full power condition; When the morning, the environment brightness increased to a certain degree, ballast and work with dimmer status, at daybreak, automatic to turn off the lights.

BERSN type remote intelligent control the dimming ballast: 
      Via remote street lamp intelligent control system (carrier or wireless way, see the road lighting remote control system), which can realize humanization, intelligent control system of street lamp open to turn off the lights according to the actual demand, according to specified rules execution that move light, at the same time have voltage, current, temperature monitoring, fault alarm functions, in practice, both to improve energy efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs of artificial inspection, especially more practical in the EMC contract energy management, therefore, has a very broad space for development.

        Dimming electronic ballast in solution designs city-lighting project of saving energy and shows incomparable advantage, usually, when people's making a need enough illumination, late-night traffic hours reduced brightness, but it is dark and the morning of the process is slow, so, dimmer, fall power become a demand in the energy saving measures, at the same time in the meet the need of basic lighting, can save more than 30% of the energy consumption and the economic benefit is very obvious.

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