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Company Culture

The tenet of the enterprise

Innovative, Pragmatic,  Refinement and Trustworthy

Innovation: set up to adapt to market economic development, constantly overcome the new concept of self, the development of new products to market demand, exploring new channels for effective communication with customers, the new mechanism of internal management of the establishment of enterprise sustainable development.

Pragmatic: advocate from "I" to start, try the "push"; advocate from "now" to start, try "drag"; advocate from the "little things" to start, try "floating"; advocate from the "head" to start, try the "virtual".

Refinement: the quality of refinement, the maximum to meet customer demand; cost of refinement, efforts to reduce costs and enhance market competitiveness; environmental refinement, serious and the prevention of environmental pollution, a cleaner production site; management of refinement, the internal management of refinement, quantification, standardization, management for efficiency.

Trustworthy: whether to employees, customers, or suppliers are unambiguously do as good as gold. Win the internal cohesion in good faith; to win customers, to win the market and win social reputation.

Business philosophy

Customer service in good faith, quality and contributing to society; pay attention to economic benefits, customer win-win business.

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