Green lighting energy saving strategy

The history of the first street and the status 

Street lighting technology from the 30s of last century, fluorescent lamps, low pressure sodium lamp development to the 60's high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, has 40 years without a big innovation.

The last century 30's

Fluorescent lamps, low pressure sodium lamps

The last century 60's

High pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp

This century

CosmoPolis, Elite

In such a market environment, street lamp manufacturers to take the following strategy:

1, continue to highlight the new products, the old products in the shape of the style of innovation, trying to extend the product from mature to recession period of life cycle;

2, and gradually enter the new breakdown of the street market, such as tunnels, subways, and so on;

3, the introduction of new revolutionary products, such as LED, to meet the new growth period.

However, the development of LED lights are mixed, because:

1, LED performance is not yet mature;

2, LED technology in a small number of semiconductor companies, street lighting business experience can not learn, LED technology is likely to become a street lamp business Pandora box.

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