Mixed type light lighting energy saving strategy

Mixed type light lighting energy saving strategy

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The features of LPS :
LPS is different from another lighting source, the emission wavelength is 589.0nm and 589.6nm, is monochromatic light, the position of two yellow line chromatogram was close to the human eye is most sensitive wavelengths 555.0nm, is green line, has high luminous efficiency and no color difference, so it was visibility high resolution, good contrast, suitable for road, overpass, tunnel and the intersection of high visibility and color rendering requirements is not high. LPS without glare, will not produce the phenomenon of premature damage caused by the lamp optical system for environmental gas corrosion effect, is the highest luminous efficiency in the light source ( 200lm/W).
The features of Metal halide lamp:
Metal halide lamp is adding some metal halide in the high pressure mercury lamp, can achieve the purpose of improving photosynthetic efficiency, improving the light color, usually use Na-T 1-In and the Sc-Na metal halide, can improve the photosynthetic efficiency of metal halide lamp; Using Sn halide can get the best color rendering; If need good color rendering, and high luminous efficiency can use La halide.
BERSN mixed type energy-saving solar energy lamp:
BERSN patent product - mixed light type special lamps is using LPS high photosynthetic efficiency and metal halide lamp high color rendering characteristics, this two kinds of light source and electronic ballast, storage battery, optical and time-controlled system placed in the electrical compartment of fixture, and realize individual control of metal halide lamp or low pressure sodium lamp, make whole luminous efficacy and color rendering increased significantly at the same time, reach the ideal energy saving effect.
The features of Mixed type light lighting :
LPS this now the world's most energy-efficient light source, on the basis of LPS, it mixed with other effective energy-saving light source the light design, efficient use of both the high photosynthetic efficiency characteristic of the low pressure sodium lamp, and effectively changed its monochromatic light (pure yellow light) and object to the human eye bad lighting. Through comprehensive testing, after its mixed light has reached nearly 3000 k color temperature, far more than the color rendering of high pressure sodium lamp with power; Power saving effect is obvious, more than 50%.

Low pressure sodium lamp + metal halide lamp mixed light energy-saving lamps has the following features:

1, special lamps and lanterns, light distribution and appearance design, effectively overcome the glare problem in road lighting, improved by surface brightness, effectively reduce the dazzling light;
2, reflector by vacuum coating technology, effectively improve the efficiency of lamps and lanterns light reflex by more than 20%, greatly improving the system efficiency;
3, the use of metal halide lamp, high photosynthetic efficiency (80-100 lm/w), high temperature (5600 k), high color rendering (Ra) 95 features effectively overcome the low voltage sodium lamp low color temperature (1800 k) and the poor color rendering;
4, the use of the advantages of low pressure sodium lamp high photosynthetic efficiency (200 lm/w), and increase the overall brightness;
5, the whole life extension, low voltage sodium lamp of up to 20000 h, metal halide lamp is 18000 h, effectively reduce the system maintenance cost;
6, electronic ballast has many intelligent protection, open circuit protection, short circuit protection, constant power output 160 v - 260 - v, the power factor of more than 98%, effectively reduce the system The input current and reactive power losses;
7, with existing high-pressure sodium lamp brightness premise energy-saving about 40-50%;
8, compared with the existing high-pressure sodium lamp improves the light color temperature and color rendering, improve the quality of the lamplight illume.

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