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Cosmo Street Light

  • HID Street light BERSN-C05

HID Street light BERSN-C05


Fixture Parameters :

Light source: Cosmo 45W/60W/90W/140W
CDM-Elite 210W/315W
Eco 130W/220W/360W
MH/HPS 150W/250W/400W

Fixture size: 860*420*260mm

Net weight: 5.78kg

Gross weight: 7.58kg

Protection grade:IP65

Installation diameter:Ф60mm

Suitable height: 8-12 m

Fixture Characteristics:

·Comprehensive new optical system, can be combined into different characteristics of fixtures is required to meet different lighting places.

·Brightness uniformity, low glare, can provide a comfortable lighting environment for urban roads.

·Can cooperate with various light pole shape, harmony with the surroundings.

·Appearance is concise, the surface of lamp body adopts advanced metallic paint, more texture.

·High quality, high purity aluminum precision forming the multiple facets of professional road lighting reflector,focus setting accurate, uniform illumination.

·Light sources can be horizontal or vertical position adjustment, access to a variety of light distribution, satisfy the demands of different road lighting.

·High strength tempered glass pervious to light cover, stainless steel fastener.

·High purity anodized aluminium reflector, heat resistant silicon rubber sealing ring

·High level of waterproof and dustproof, do not need to clean inside.

·Back cover open up design, maintenance to replace light source and electrical without tools, safe and convenient.

·Can be equipped with variable power type dimming electronic ballast for dimming control.

·Suitable for urban road lighting, highway, elevated overpass, bridge, square, industrial zone, residential lighting and other outdoor lighting place.

·The fixtures adopted the unique light distribution curve, reflectivity increase 15-20% compared with the ordinary street fixtures, more applicable to solar PV, scenery complementary street lamps.

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