Low Voltage Series

  • EG TRONIC 30W 100-277V

EG TRONIC 30W 100-277V

Wide AC input/Full range(100-277Vac);
Built-in active PFC function;
High efficiency up to 90%;
Protections:short circuit/Over current/Over voltage/Over temperature;
IP67 design for outdoor installation;
Surge protection Integrated 4KV


·Wide AC input/Full range(100-277Vac);
·Built-in active PFC function;
·High efficiency up to 90%;
·Protections:short circuit/Over current/Over voltage/Over temperature;
·IP67 design for outdoor installation;
·Surge protection Integrated 4KV

Electronic output data

Model BS-H30-30 BS-H30-36 BS-H30-42 BS-H30-48 BS-H30-54
Specification item EG-TRONIC 30W 1A EG-TRONIC 40W 0.85A EG-TRONIC 50W 0.7A EG-TRONIC 50W 0.63A EG-TRONIC 50W 0.55A
Output Voltage 20-30Vdc 24-36Vdc 30-42Vdc 36-48Vdc 42-54Vdc
Output Voltage Max 34Vdc 40Vdc 46Vdc 52Vdc 58Vdc
Output Current 1A 0.85A 0.7A 0.63A 0.55A
Output Current Tolerance 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%
Output Current Ripple LF 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%
Output Power 30w 30w 30w 30w 30w
Galvanic Isolation Double; 3750V Double; 3750V Double; 3750V Double; 3750V Double; 3750V

Electronic input data

Specification item:           Value
Nominal Input Voltage:     100-277Vac
Input Voltage AC:             90-305Vac
Nominal Input Frequency:  50-60Hz
Input Frequency AC:         47-63Hz
Nominal Input Current:      0.14-0.38 A
Maximum Input Current:    1A
Nominal Input Power:       32W Max
Power Factor:                  >0.95
Total Harmonic Distortion: < 20 %
Efficiency:                       89%

Logistic Data

Specification item: Value
Size:                   132*48*31mm
Weight:               0.32KG
Pcs/Ctn:              40
N.W:                  12.8kg
G.W:                  13.5 KG
Ctn Size:             590x310x110 mm

Operational Temperature and Humidity

Specification item:        Value

Ambient Temperature:  -20...+55 °C

Tcase Maximum:          80 °C

Tcase Cut-Off:             90 °C

Road and street lighting
Area and flood lighting
Tunnel lighting

High-bay lighting

Mechanical Drawing

Installation notes:

When using the power supply ,pls pay attention to distinguishing the input and output terminal ,and connect the wires correctly, then turn it on after making sure it is correct.

Please firstly connect the load of DC output terminal ,make sure it’s correct and then turn on the power supply.

Welding the power line to avoid other solder tin, tin, tin false, short circuit, all leads must avoid direct contact with the surface of capacitance

Using environment temperature must be in accordance with the specification requirements.

When power assembly to the fixture ,need to make an aging text more than 24hours according to the actual situation ,to ensure the quality of the fixture product

Abnormal  phenomena and corresponding processing methods

1.After good electrical connection in the power supply device for the first time, there  is not bright, please cut off the AC input terminal and check

DC output side has poor contact or not

DC output side’s anode and cathode is connected on the contrary  or not

AC input side has poor contact or not; test after eliminating all the failures above.

2.After good electrical connection, LED lamp is lighted ,but flashing,please cut off the AC input terminal, and check the DC output terminal:

Have overload ,overload or light load or not

Power supply designed parameters do not tally with the actual parameters

3.If meeting other questions or problems in the process of using our products, please communicate with us in time and give us feedback with the poor information ,we will actively assist you to solve the problems.

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